Diabetes Affects Sex – So Treat Diabetes With Sexual Disorders

Diabetes is a multi organ disorder that affects the sexual life of men and women. A diabetic has more chance to be affected with Sexual Disorder due to which a complex is formed when either one is unable to satisfy the other partner in sharing sex with diabetes. When either one is affected with diabetes a good sex role is affected. Being week in sex due to diabetes can create mental depression on both sides. Indeed, the male female roles should be for satisfying both with good sexual activities.

There is a strong say that diabetes and sex are indirectly associated as the body is naturally suffering with sexual disorders due to diabetic condition. There are varied reasons for sexual disorders affecting bed relation. As diabetes affects the body’s nerve system, the genital organs also suffer dysfunction. Sexual erection and premature ejaculation are common with diabetics. It’s claimed that diabetes and sex can’t go together as diabetes affects sex. So, treating diabetes with sexual disorders is essential.

The most dilemmatic problem with males in sex affair is the erectile dysfunction. It may be either due to the inability to have an arousal of sexual erection in the male’s organ or the failure to sustain the erection sufficiently durable for sex role. This dysfunction need not be viewed exclusively as affected by sexual mechanism because the problem may also be due to diabetes with deficiencies in the sexual system.

Another common complaint in diabetic males is the case of Spermatic fluid reflux. The diabetics having this problem suffer an unsatisfied sex. Yet, there is the problem of sperms being pushed back to the bladder instead of getting released out in the vaginal track.

The third common problem with the diabetic patients is reported as the lack of desire or otherwise known as Loss of Libido in women as well as in men. It is claimed that the loss of male libido is mainly due to Lack of Stamina. The loss of libido causes tiredness and fatigue with the sexual intercourse.

Female diabetics are also not exempted from such sexual problems. There are women who have no real interest or even hate sex and say No for sex. This may be due to women’s low libido for sex. There are women to nod the head negatively for sex saying that they feel dryness of vagina. It may probably be due to their diabetic condition.