Sexual Roles Playing Ideas For Mind-Blowing Sex

Most guys get so caught up worry about pleasing themselves that they tend to forget to please their partner. If you really want to see a girl get turned on to the point where she always wants to have hot and steamy sex, then I suggest you to keep reading.

Woman love to have orgasms just as well as men, in fact women are lucky enough to have the enjoyment of multiple orgasms. The main problem is that they do not experience it much from their partner. One way to spice up your sex life with your partner is by performing sex roles. If your true goal is to satisfy your lover and give her multiple orgasms, than I suggest you trying out these 3 hot sex roles…

Role #1 – Play Doctor or Nurse: Give her a full examination with no limitations. This is a perfect way to start giving her foreplay to get her sizzling. Or you can let her play nurse and you are the patient, it’s always good to try new things in the bedrooms.

Role #2 – Cops and Robbers: Women love authority figures. This is very popular, act as if you are a cop and pulling her over for a traffic stop and she gets search out of suspicion. The more realistic you make it, the better it will be. This is very easy to do all you need is some hand cuffs, or you can get more extreme and purchase costumes online.

Role #3 – Play Teacher: As stated before, women love the idea of having sex with an authority like figure. Act as if you are the teacher and she is the student trying to convince you to give her a better grade. Well, I think you can use your imagination for the rest!! You can also switch characters, she can be the teacher and you can be the student and have her give you detention for being naughty during class.