Health Insurance Review


The cost of health insurance for an average family is enormous but necessary in many cases. Each individual’s needs are different, and even by reading health insurance reviews it can all be very confusing and frightening. Opinions of different health insurance companies vary wildly by state, and the choices in some states differ from others. If you have never had to buy health insurance before the terminology can be quite difficult to under stand too.

The Affordable Care Act has been implemented, not just to control skyrocketing health care costs, but to attempt to improve the quality of health care also. Reforms under the Affordable Care Act have stopped some of the worst abuses by the health insurance industry and have given Americans new rights and benefits. Already more children get health coverage, the lifetime and annual limits on care have ended, and those under the age of 26 can remain covered by the parents’ health insurance.

There’s still a long way to go for these very necessary changes, but right now, people still have to go through the hassle of finding health coverage appropriate for their own needs and the biggest question for an average family is cost. If there are pre-existing conditions for any of the family member, insurance can be denied, although there is a move to stop that practice by 2014.

Finding health insurance today may often start by looking at insurance reviews online, and the best way to do this is to narrow it down by looking at reviews for your state – otherwise it is even more confusing. It is essential to have some form of medical insurance – over 60% of bankruptcies in this country are due to people being unable to pay medical bills.

Women face even larger challenges when it comes finding an individual insurance plan. Premiums are higher than men with identical coverage, and exclude coverage for pregnancy which has to be purchased separately.

 Before you look at any health insurance reviews, decide how much debt you can manage comfortably if you should have a serious illness or injury. The higher the deductible you can bear the better, it will reduce the premium but you may end up paying for all your own medical bills, the actual insurance will cover you in the event of a serious illness. If you have lost a job but are expecting to start another where there is an employer-sponsored plan, simply buy short-term insurance.

Another choice may be catastrophic health insurance, which comes in two forms comprehensive and supplemental. A comprehensive plan offers coverage comparable to more traditional health care plans, with a high deductible and relatively low monthly cost. A supplemental plan acts as a supplement to other insurance plans you might have.

A good insurance agent will keep abreast of all the health insurance reviews and knows exactly what is available in your state, and knows which companies to avoid. He will discuss your particular needs and those of your family, and discuss your financial situation and then suggest the best health care policies to fit your needs. Reading health insurance reviews online may give you a little information, but there is no substitute for in depth knowledge and personal service.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA)


HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and in 1996 the U. S. Congress enacted it. The purpose of HIPAA law is improving the system of health insurance. Each of the providers of healthcare, health government plans, and health organizations is required to obey the HIPPAA law’s regulations.

The first HIPPAA title protects health insurance coverage for employees and their loved ones. It corrected the Public Health Service Act, the Internal Revenue Code, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The second HIPPAA title is called also AS or Administrative Simplification provisions. It assists individuals in order to keep their personal information. This is the about protecting the information of a patient. The second title requires the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to summarize rules which purpose is to increase the health care system effectiveness through spreading the information of health care and making standards for use.

The HIPPAA Privacy Rule (from 16.10.2003) regulates the disclosure and use of particular information in possession of health insurers, service medical providers and so on. It is a regulation for PHI or Protected Health Information. The PHI is the information of an individual that concerns health care provision, health care payment, or health status. Thanks to the Privacy Rule, the individuals have the power to ask for that a covered entity make right any wrong PHI. This rule makes the covered entities inform the people of any uses of their PHI.

Every individual can complain to the Department of Health and Human Services if he/she believes that the Privacy rule is not upheld. After they receive the complaint, they can take some actions against insurers, doctors, hospitals, or anyone else that violates the rule.


Reduction in Earnings Due to Serious Medical Problems


In the matter of all medical problems, being hospitalized is the toughest one. To determine this, a study has been conducted which says that it is considered as the most painful financial impact on the lives of the human. It has been found that there is 20% of the decrease in the earnings and 11% of the decrease in the employment that is creating negative impacts due to several health problems of the people.

People usually prefer health insurance services but that does not include full insurance. It is not due to the reason like cost-sharing and high-deductibles but health insurance ensures the economic consequences of poor health. From the records of various hospitals, it has been found that around 7,80,000 people with health insurance on the rough basis and about 1,50,000 are without the policy of health insurance, which further defines the income and expenditure capacity of the people and the family where at least one person is suffering from serious health problems.

The study also shows that people who have health problems and leading to a hospital have worse access to their credits. They have a large number of unpaid medical bills and expenditure. This problem can be resolved to a certain extent through medical insurance with Best Placement Colleges but a long-term and serious medical issue plays a significant role even after this insurance policy and services.

Above mentioned data is entirely based on the self- reported survey. It helps in quantifying the cause and effect relationships between different kinds of serious medical problems and different financial implications faced by the people. This data has also helped in establishing the method of altering economic trajectories of the individuals through their hospitalization functioning.

From all the studies; it has been found that the List of Engineering Colleges and hospitalization leads to the terrible economic consequences which create multiple scenarios at a time in the country. There are certain aspects which help in determining serious health problems that include people’s ability to work, lack in interested towards employers and reduction in the likelihood of new searching and jobs which has the high range of payee.

Due to this, it has become very significant to define various research and experiments as there are also people who have never been to hospitals in their previous lives and examine changes to the different economic situation of events that are constantly occurring. It helps in triggering different financial effects to the people who are working. This made the conclusion that it is the most casual relationship without any correlation to any other state.