Blowjob Tips For The Timid Women: Don’t Be Afraid Of The One Eyed Monster

Do you dread giving your man a blowjob? Does the thought of having a penis in your mouth, send you into a panic attack? Well you would be surprised at the amount of women who simply fear giving oral sex or simply don’t like it. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some women are afraid of gagging, others don’t want ejaculate in their mouth and some just don’t think they do a very good job down there. And although this sounds rather funny and amusing it is actually a really serious problem. In fact there is phobia called Phallophobia, which is the fear of an erect penis. And to make matters worse, many relationships fall apart because of this.

Oral sex is just as an important past of your sex life as sexual intercourse. So I am hoping to give you a few blowjob tips that may help you a little bit. These are aimed more for the women who simply are not comfortable giving blowjobs. If you do have an actual phobia of the penis, I am not saying any of these can help you. But let’s try to take a few first steps together with these simple blowjob tips.

So if you are having a bit of a hard time taking the penis in your mouth, you may want to try doing thing in complete darkness. This way the “one-eyed” monster loses a little of his intimidation. Now when you have all the lights off in the bedroom you want to start real slow. Start kissing what makes you feel comfortable. You can start at your man’s chest or even his legs. As you become more relaxed begin to kiss his inner thighs, while slowly starting to play with his testicles. Your man should be very pleased and you should be relaxed enough to move on to the penis. Start to kiss his testicle and slowly suck on them on at a time and at this point slowly start to stroke you’s penis. If he is getting wet on top, just begin to kiss the tip of his penis. Just imagine kissing your husbands lips at this point. When you are comfortable enough begin to suck it or lick it like an ice cream cone. The whole point of this exercise is just to move at a pace where you feel comfortable. Make sure you stop at the point in which it is not enjoyable for you, even if that is before you begin to give oral. However, don’t leave him hanging there. Either finish him off with a really nice handjob or get on top of him and finish it vaginal.

Next up is a simple trick to get his penis in your mouth without fear. Humor is the best trick for anything you fear, if you can laugh at it you can do it. SO you need to take the fear out of his penis, and we are going to do that by making a nice big sundae. Get all your favorite toppings for a great big sundae, ice cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, cherries…the works. You are going to be making a mess here so you may not want to do this on your best sheets. Start by stripping off both of your clothes and welcome your husband into your ice cream parlor. Make a sundae all around his penis and yes include the ise cream for a fun sensation on his penis. Spread hot fudge and whipped cream all over it. And now you are going to eat it all off of him, doing it this way you should have no problems sucking him And make sure you are both having fun while doing this, it’s not meant to be serious. So laugh and throw food at each other and just enjoy being together.

A penis isn’t bad and it is certainly nothing to fear. Just take your time and enjoy what your man has to offer you. The best thing you can do is to have fun with sex and I hope these two blowjob tips take you in the right direction.